All-Division Rules

  1. All participants must be 18 years or older.
  2. All participants must read, sign, and submit the online waiver form before playing or your team will be subject to default.
  3. Games are 24 minutes, timed matches, running score.
  4. Teams will switch sides at 12 minutes (as indicated by the announcer).
  5. 1 point is scored for every serve (rally point).
  6. The ball can be contacted 3 times in a row by male players, but the third contact cannot be an attack.
  7. Teams must have 2 members of the opposite sex on the court at all times during play.
  8. Any part of the body many be used to keep the ball in play.
  9. All basic volleyball rules apply (3 hits, rotation order, net touch, held ball, etc).
  10. Blocking is allowed by front row players only. 2 males are permitted to block side by side. 
  11. Serving can be done anywhere across the end line.
  12. Every team is guaranteed 3 games, but may play more.
  13. There is 1 ball for every court. Please do not remove it from the playing area.
  14. Team Captains are responsible for keeping score during the match.
  15. Following each match, the Team Captain of the winning team is responsible for reporting the score to the Results Area.
  16. All games are controlled via the Honor System. The event is about having fun. If you commit an infraction, make the call.
  17. Teams must be comprised of a minimum of 6, up to a maximum of 10 players. 6 players, including at least 2 females and 2 males must be on the court during the entire game. Teams not meeting this requirement will be subject to a default. The opposing team may waive the minimum player requirement and have the match count as an official game. This must be determined prior to the start of the match.
  18. If the horn indicator goes off during a rally, the rally is to be completed and point scored. 
  19. There are no tie games. If the teams are tied at the end of the 24 minutes, one sudden-death rally-point (served by the team that won the previous point) determines the game winner. 
  20. Teams that are late to the start of a game are penalized 1 point per minute.  Both teams need to agree on the penalty points and the games starting score before the game starts.  If a team fails to show for the full game the score will be recorded as 25-0.  Team captain of the team that was present is required to report that the other team did not show up.
  21. Any teams that do not report their scores by the end of the round robin will default to a 15 - 15 tie.

Additional Recreational Division Rules

  1. No spiking is allowed. This is defined as 'jumping' and attacking the ball above the height of the net.
  2. 'Spike Serves' are not allowed.
  3. 'Held/Carried' or '2-Hit' violations will be allowed a good deal of flexibility.

Additional Competitive/Intermediate Division Rules

  1. Spiking is allowed by front row players only. This is defined as 'jumping' and attacking the ball above the height of the net.
  2. 'Spike Serves' are allowed.
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