Volunteer registration is now full! Thank you to all of our fantastic volunteers.

We Need You!

MTS Super-Spike is a not-for-profit charitable event that depends on over 250 volunteers each year. We hope that you will consider joining our team! We're fun, we're hip, we're raising a ton of money for local charities. Oh...and we put on summer's best party!

Volunteers are asked to work a minimum of 10 hours throughout the event, and will receive a complimentary volunteer T-Shirt, access to the whole event (including the concerts), snacks & meals in our volunteer tent during their shifts.  Of course, by volunteering you are also helping us fundraise and support this years charities of choice; Volleyball Manitoba, Kid Sport Manitoba & The True North Youth Foundation!



Volunteer Sponsor

Thank you to our volunteer sponsor for supporting all of the fantastic volunteers that help make MTS Super-Spike a success.

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