With close to 500 teams expected & thousands of people coming to catch the music and fun, MTS Super-Spike creates a captivating audience for you to sell and market your product.

MTS Super-Spike is an annual fundraiser supporting local charities. The event is Manitoba’s largest outdoor beach volleyball tournament with close to 500 teams participating.

But it’s not just about the volleyball; we also feature a festival atmosphere, with performances Friday and Saturday night from local talent and top Canadian performers. 

We accomodate 6,000 attendees, most of whom are 18-30 years of age.  This is a great place to reach a young and engaged audience with your product.  We have a large media presence and strong name-recognition. MTS Super-Spike is in its sixteenth year and the party keeps getting bigger and better.  We’d love to have you on board!

Please Note: Vendors are primarily selected on a first come, first serve basis however, we also select based on differentiation of product type. Vendors cannot be a competitor of any of our Sponsors. 

Become a MTS Super-Spike Vendor Today!!

Rules and Regulations

Vendor sites will be allocated after application form and payment have been received. All payments must be received by Monday, June 12th. If payment is not received by this date, we cannot guarantee the reservation of your site.

  • Vendors are responsible to provide their own permits and insurance
  • Vendors are required to accept MTS Super-Spike Dollars at par. Change must be given. No exceptions. If total is $7.50 and volunteer hands you $8.00 in Super-Spike Dollars, you must provide $0.50 CAD in return. MTS Super-Spike Dollars can be redeemed from the finance office.
  • On-site over night security will be provided. MTS Super-Spike is not liable for any losses or damage due to theft, fire, inclement weather, or any other damages.
  • We ask that each vendor is self-sufficient; providing their own garbage receptacles, power and water. We will NOT provide power on-site, therefore, if you require power you must supply your own quiet generator. There will be no exceptions.
  • Vendors receive one parking pass. If additional parking passes are needed the must be purchased.
  • Vendors should be prepared with their own blocks to level trailers.

Vendor Rates

Dimensions are approximate and may vary depending on the needs of the vendor.

$250Small (6'x6')

$300Medium (10'x10')

$400Large (10'x20')

$500Extra Large (Special)

Vendor Registration Process

You can register today to become a vendor. Follow the instructions below to register today.

  1. Visit the Account page. If you don't already have an account, you can quickly create one.
  2. Complete the Vendor Application Form. Click on the Vendor link and fill out the vendor application form.
  3. Read & review the rules and regulations. You must agree to the terms.
  4. Our Vendor Co-Chairs will be in contact. A Vendor Co-Chair will be in touch to discuss your application.
  5. Approved Vendors. If you have been approved, you will be able to log back into your account and pay the fee.
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